Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'll wait for you #50

Austin came back home with his eyes almost tearing. I didn't knew what was happening, but when I followed him he just got into his bedroom and locked the door:
You: Austin! What happened?
Austin replied me through the door with a crying and angry voice:
Austin: Get out!
You: What? Why are you saying this? Please let me get in!
Austin: No, just give me some alone time. I need to think about everything.
You: Are you sure?
Austin: Yeah, just go to your bedroom and think about something else.
I went to the bedroom and I got on twitter. It was logged at Austin's twitter, so I think the best thing to do was check his DMs. I opened Alex's messages and they were fighting. It wasn't a normal fight between friends. They were calling each other names really means and both sounded really angry and upset, but I didn't read the start of the fight. I wanted to hear it from Austin, so I logged off, and after about 30 minutes I knocked at Austin's door:
Austin: Who is it?
You: It's me. Can I come in now? Please.
Austin: Come on in.
I sat on his bed and he was on the chair with his head down. I was really worried cause I could see that he was crying this whole time:
You: Can you tell me what happened?
Austin: It's kind of complicated.
You: Since you got back from the airport to take Alex you're sad, and I just hate *interrupts*
Austin: We fought. It was something really serious. I don't think he wants to ever see me again.
You: Why did you two got into this huge fight?
Austin: He told me that I changed. He told me that I'm acting like a famous artist and not like someone normal anymore. He told me that I don't spend time with my friends anymore... Because of my carrer.
You: Did he said anything else?
Austin: He said that I also don't have time for friendships anymore because of... You know...
You: Me?
Austin: How did you knew?
You: I noticed the way he acted with me on the party.
Austin: What can I do about it? I don't feel like I changed, for real.
You: Maybe you should go there and apologize. I also feel like we have spent so many time together that they miss you. I love you so much, but you need to take some time for friends. You are a teenager. Enjoy it the best way you can.
Austin: I'll miss you. Do you really think I should go?
You: Yes. I'll miss you too.
Austin: I love you so much. My mom would never said that to me, and thanks so much for being honest. I'm going tonight.
He kissed me and after packing, he went to the airport with Dave. I started to feel guilty about everything that was happening. Did I gave him the best advice? What if they friends don't apologize him. It's all going to be my fault.

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